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The Technology Gap at Work (new study)

Friday, April 24th, 2009

This is an interesting article about a new study conducted in the workplace on the use of technology and the opinions of various people on what was deemed “appropriate” or “useful.”

Although there were obviously some data collection problems, due to how some questions were worded, the results are interesting nonetheless.  This makes me think that the whole Myers-Briggs personality test will need to incorporate a technology section, similar to the typology quiz that the Pew Internet & American Life Project currently administers, which categorizes people as one of the following (What type are you?):

•     Digital Collaborators

•     Ambivalent Networkers

•     Media Movers

•     Roving Nodes

•     Mobile Newbies

•     Desktop Veterans

•     Drifting Surfers

•     Information Encumbered

•     The Tech Indifferent

•     Off the Network

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